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SANY in New Lagos-Ibadan Railway Project
27 August, 2021

The new Lagos-Ibadan Railway, linking the largest port city of Lagos with the industrial hub of Ibadan, recently became operational.


Lagos is the largest city in western Africa while its neighboring city, Ibadan, is Nigeria’s third most populous. However, the underdeveloped transportation system within this circle has been an obstacle to urban development.


During the three years of construction, about 200 units of SANY construction machines participated in this vital project. To tackle the challenges posed by the half-year-long rainy season of Lagos, SANY made necessary adaptationto all the machines in service and kept them at an operational rate of 94%.   


With a railway travel speed of 150 kilometers (93 miles) per hour, the trip time between these two important cities 156.08 km apart is now shortened to just one hour.


The new railway is now officially open to traffic for both freight and passenger business and will substantially improve the flow of goods between the two cities, the economic corridor in between, and the Apapa port complex of Lagos.

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